Over the years, students of Melanie Adams have received many accolades, from Kiwanis Prizes and Royal Conservatory of Music medals to studying music at the university level, to becoming accomplished performers in their own right.  Here is a list of recent or current students and their accomplishments:

2016 Accolades
Glenn Sutherland: Glenn was the 2016 winner of the 13th annual CMC Prairie Region Emerging Composer Competition, and his orchestral work, To See Again with Spirit Eyes, was performed at “Back to the Future: World Premieres from Canada” on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.  

Emily Aboussafy: did a very successful turn as "The Queen of Hearts" in The Stage New Westminster's production of Alice in Wonderland.  She was also cast in the upcoming film "The Rebuild", currently being shot in Vancouver. 

Alison Thornton:  Alison is a very busy actress currently filming a new season of "The Girlfriend' Guide to Divorce" and the new series "Dirk Gently".

2015 Accolades
Naomi Oliver: Naomi had an excellent year , which she has capped with a score of 90% in her RCM Grade 6 Voice exam. Naomi performed in NATS Vancouver's Songfest in February, receiving an Honourable Mention in her division. This allowed her to submit a video to the NATS Regional Round of the National Student Auditions, where she won first place in her division. 


2014 Accolades

Jacqueline Bolster:  Jacqueline has recently received three awards from the Kiwanis Music Festival: the Lynne Northfield Scholarship for Most Outstanding Classical Voice; the Nora Black Memorial Scholarship for the Most Promising Adult Vocalist; and the Senior Voice Lieder Medallion.

Finn Leahy:  Finn has been accepted to the Music Department at the University of British Columbia and is starting his studies in September. Last Spring, Finn was the national anthem singer at New Westminster's May Day Festivities, and has received this year's Most Outstanding Choral Student award at New Westminster Secondary School.

Clarice Scop: Clarice has been accepted to the Music Department at Capilano University and will be starting her studies there in September.

Robby Garcia: Robby has been accepted to the Basic Musicianship Programme at Douglas College and will be starting his studies there in September.

Savannah Disanjh: Savannah did an amazing performance as "Paulette" in Centennial High School's production of Legally Blonde.

2013 Accolades

Lorynne Machado:  Lorynne will be performing in a play called "The Importance of Being Uncle Roscoe" at the Bernie Legge Theatre in New Westminster from Dec. 4-21. She also recently directed a video about New Westminster that is getting lots of attention. See it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-OwXOfXgQs

Breanne Smith:  Breanne wrote the Royal Conservatory of Music Basic Rudiments Exam in August, and received a stellar mark of 96% (First-Class Honours with Distinction).

Mariana Moreno: Mariana will be starting her studies at Simon Fraser University in September, pursuing a double major in Composition and Theatre.

Lorynne Machado: Lorynne has been cast in an upcoming film called "No Men Beyond This Point", which starts filming soon.  Along with her friends, Lorynne has starred in and produced a film called "Oblivious" which was released on YouTube and can be seen at http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hIV0XszCF8s&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DhIV0XszCF8s

Luke McAndless-Davis: Luke will be attending the University of BC starting in September, where he will be studying music.

Tora Klassen:  Tora is off to London, ON, where she will be pursuing a Master of Music in (Voice) Literature and Performance.